Whitetail Does for Sale

What you Need to Know when Buying Whitetail Does

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Are you wanting to know more about the whitetail does for sale at Rocky Ridge Whitetails? Here are a few facts and characteristics of our whitetail does!

Species and Sizes

Although different species of deer vary considerably in size, does in the wild are generally much smaller than bucks. The whitetail does for sale at Rocky Ridge are only slightly smaller than some of our bucks. Some of our does weigh up to as much as 140 pounds – while some bucks weigh in at as little as 150 pounds!

Physical Characteristics

Our whitetail does for sale sport an unmistakable tail – white on the bottom and brown on the top. Their coats tend to change in color right along with the everchanging seasons.

Life in Groups

Our whitetail does that we sell for breeding stock are more socially active when compared to bucks who commonly living alone until mating season commences. Mating is carefully controlled, and mates are specifically selected so desired traits are encouraged.

Whitetail Does for SaleLiving Conditions

The Deer bread at Rocky Ridge receive the best care possible in our state-of-the-art bottle-feeding and deer handling facilities; and No tranquilization is needed when it comes to loading live deer. Rocky Ridge’s track record speaks for itself: we have been breeding whitetail deer for over 24 years and have received 72 awards to date from the Deer Breeders Cooperative (DBC) and the North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) antler scoring contests.

Proven Genetics

Regardless of herd, we hold our belief that genetics are the number one essential to raising our doesmule deer, and whitetail bucks. Our does and bucks have packaged pedigrees with premium, industry-leading genetics. All of our breeding stock is DNS registered. A well-balanced diet and ethical treatment in our facilities means that our deer reach their full genetic potential. Our heard was born from blood, sweat and tears of hard work since 1997, and has grown into a hand-selected heard as one of the most trusted breeders in the whitetail deer industry.

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