Rocky Ridge Bucks

Want to improve the genetics on your breeder farm or hunting ranch? At Rocky Ridge you can find quality semen, stocker, and breeder whitetail bucks for sale.

Established in 1997, Rocky Ridge Whitetails is a family-owned operation that breeds whitetail bucks for sale. With several years of blood, sweat, tears, and hard work, our herd was born from a strategic breeding program. Today, Rocky Ridge offers a hand selected herd and is one of the most trusted breeders in the whitetail industry. Our deer breeding program is one of the leading whitetail deer breeders in the East Coast region. Feel free to take a look at our big, heavy, wide, and tall typical whitetail bucks for sale! If you are a fan of our bucks, check out our whitetail does here.

Rocky Ridge Whitetails carries a firm belief that a foolproof way to improve the quality of the deer on your ranch is to purchase high-quality does and whitetail bucks for sale. We raise breeder does and bucks that have packed pedigrees with premium, industry leading genetics. Rocky Ridge offers does and whitetail bucks for sale that hold impressive pedigrees on top of being proven producers. You can follow either the Breeder Bucks or the Production Bucks options below to view the quality genetic lines that our herd represents.

Rainbow at age 3

Breeder Bucks

Jumbo Stitch at age 3

Production Bucks

Whitetail Bucks, Does, and More

In addition to having a whitetail herd, check out the impressive mule deer herd that Rocky Ridge Whitetail also offers. Regardless of herd, we hold our belief that genetics are the number one essential to raising our does and whitetail bucks for sale. A well-balanced diet and ethical treatment in our facilities means that our deer reach their full genetic potential. Are you looking to improve the genetics on your breeder farm or hunting ranch? Quality semen, production bucks, and whitetail breeder bucks are all for sale at Rocky Ridge Whitetails. Feel free to contact us with all questions, inquiries, and interest in the deer we have for sale.