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Buying Our Mature Breeder Bucks at Rocky Ridge Whitetails

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Rocky Ridge Whitetails began their farm of breeder bucks in Lancaster County, PA, in 1997. Steadily improving their genetics year after year, the owners John Ervin and Mary Ann Stoltzfus dedicate themselves to their farm year-round. So, how do they know when a buck is in prime shape to be bred? Check out these three habits of mature breeder bucks!


When you are in the business of selling whitetail bucks, genetics matter.  We have been encouraging certain traits and selectively breeding our stock to continually produce award winning monster bucks.  At Rocky Ridge Whitetails, we continually produce some of the worlds largest typical and nontypical whitetail bucks.  Yes, that’s bold claim but we stand behind every breeder buck we sell.  With world record one-year-old and three-year-old breeder bucks, we think we know a little bit about the process it takes to deliver only the best.

breeder bucks buck standing outsideA History Of Doing it Right

Rocky Ridge Whitetails has been in the breeder buck game since 1997 with a proven history of success.  Our breeding programs have even allowed us to identify and produce whitetail stock that has Chronic Wasting Disease resistant genes.  If CWD is a concern in your area, you should be looking a breeder bucks from Rocky Ridge Whitetails.

Rocky Ridge has never been in the volume game.  We are more interested in producing quality whitetail breeder bucks vs. quantity.

Because of our intense focus on the best buck genetics, we have produced world record class typical and non-typical white tail bucks year after year.  More antler mass, bigger bodies and reliable genetics, that’s what our customers have come to expect year after year.    When you need the right stock, put your trust in Rocky Ridge Whitetails.

If you would like more information on our breeder bucks and how we work, contact us today!

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