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Whitetail Deer Semen for Sale at Rocky Ridge Whitetails

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When you are checking out the Whitetail Deer semen for sale at Rocky Ridge Whitetails, you know that it is coming from an ethical operation. Our family-owned ranch began to breed whitetail deer in 1997. With a state-of the art bottle feeding facility, and a deer handling facility to live load deer, tranquilization is unnecessary. Both breeding facilities are within a mile of each other. Today, Rocky Ridge consistently strives to better the quality of their whitetail deer. This is done during genetic selection. We put an emphasis on characteristics, antler size, and the overall health of the herd.

Cruiser standing stillAwards and Recognition

Rocky Ridge Whitetails has been chosen for 97+ awards in antler scoring contests to date, on top of their high-quality Whitetail Deer semen for sale. These awards have come from the greatly recognized North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA), and the Deer Breeders Cooperative (DBC). Along with this, their ranch has also raised the world record three-year-old whitetail buck, as well as the world record whitetail buck yearling.

When it comes to quality at Rocky Ridge Whitetails, it always comes first. Their relatively small herd thrives on the farm. Anywhere from 35-50 does deliver fawns every year. Although the herd is notably small, there is a large variety of nontypical and typical genetics to pick from. New breeding partnerships with farms in Indiana,Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York have formed. If you are looking to buy Whitetail Deer semen for sale or specific genetics in these states, you can contact Rocky Ridge!

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