Rocky Ridge Mule Deer

Rocky Ridge has mule deer semen, does fawns and breeders bucks available for sale. Every mule deer doe at Rocky Ridge is DNA-registered with the North American Deer Registry (NADR). Rocky Ridge began their mule deer herd in 2016 by using some of the most-proven mule deer genetics found anywhere in the United States.

Mule Deer Information

Today, there are very few mule deer being raised on deer farms. Currently, the world record of 355” scored by a wild free-range mule deer buck hunted in 1926, still stands World Record today, according to Boone and Crockett record books. Farm raised mule deer genetics are on the path to catch up to whitetail genetics, the latter being a good 20+ years ahead. Among their many goals, Rocky Ridge is steadfastly working to improve mule deer genetics and bring them up to speed with the whitetail. Rocky Ridge started breeding mule deer with the goal of improving mule deer genetics in the same manner they did the whitetail. In 1981, the world record free-range whitetail buck scored 333”. That records still stands today in wild free-range according to Boone & Crocket Record books. In 1997, when Rocky Ridge started raising whitetail deer, things began to change through their selective breeding, stacking and crossing of some on the world’s largest whitetail genetics. Today a farm-raised whitetail buck can score more than 700”. Perhaps the day may come when mule deer will accomplish this feat as well.

Rocky Ridge Mule Deer Does

Rocky Ridge Mule Deer does are all DNA Registered. Rocky Ridge started with some of the most proven mule deer genetic does they could find in the United States.

Mule Deer Doe Pedigrees