Jumbo Dream at the age of 1

Jumbo Dream

Jumbo Dream officially scored 300 5/8″ @ 1 year old with a 36 1/2″ inside spread, 25″ and 26″ beams, 11 inch tines, 8X7 218″ mainframe score.

Jumbo Dream is the widest yearling ever on record.

Jumbo Dream received 1st place yearling mainframe award at NADeFA in 2017, 1st place longest beam award, and 3rd place highest scoring yearling award at NADeFA in 2017.

Jumbo Dream had antler damage at 2.

Jumbo Dream scored 421″ @ 3 with 30″ inside spread and a 242″ mainframe.

In 2018 Jumbo Dream’s first group of yearlings were outstanding with the largest yearling son scoring 391″ @ 1 with a 208″ mainframe and he had 3 yearlings over 27″ inside spread at 1.

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Jumbo Dream Whitetail buck

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