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Rocky Ridge Whitetails was started in 1997 and is located in Lancaster County, PA. Since then we have realized how important top quality genetics are to successful breeding program. The last 7 years we have qualified in the Top 30 breeder auction. We are breeding, stacking, and crossing the top quality genetics, and we continually upgrade our genetics to the highest level possible. With Jumbo the World Record Yearling, we are taking our herd to a whole new level. Here at Rocky Ridge Whitetails quality comes before quantity. We feel the most important part to consistently raising large antlers is to have a proven anchor doe side. Anchor doe means the mother, grandmother, and great grandmother on the very bottom side of the pedigree. Accurately keeping those records are a very important part of our success. We also place strong focus on width, beam length, tine length, and total main frame inches.

The genetic traits of our doe lineage offer a very promising future. Every doe on our farm has a great track record of proven anchor does. We are breeding several does to our own bucks on our farm, but we still keep AI'ing to several outside sires that are also marketed well and have the antler traits and pedigree we are looking for and so we have a large variety genetics to choose from for our customers. We normally keep 25 to 30 does to fawn out on our farm. The last couple years we have a few more does and we are planning to keep 35 to 40 does to fawn out on our farm, and we are partnering with a few other farms with some does because we are limited on room and time.

 I am elected to 2 different deer farming committees and I am a lifetime member of NADeFA, TDA, and PDFA, and a member of several other state associations. Being a full time deer farmer is my Dream come true. Farm tours are welcome ,we normally have farm tours scheduled nearly every day thru July and August.  Please call in advance if possible to schedule your farm tour.

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John Ervin

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